Real Aurora Detection and Notification

Sleep peacefully knowing advanced image recognition technology will detect the visibility of auroras in real-time. When an active aurora is detected, you will be notified - encouraging you to wake up and get outside to enjoy the truly unique experience.

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While the aurora can be forecasted to be visible with a high KPI, it may not be active where you are physically located. In addition, the aurora typically becomes active very early in the morning - usually from 2am to 6am - when we should all be sleeping. It can be frustrating setting alarms when a high KPI is forecasted, only to wake up to no activity.

Imagine sleeping peacefully while technology is hard at work programmatically photographing vivid stars as the earth spins while waiting for the Northern Lights to dance across the sky ...and then the moment they do, you would get notified in real-time.

Verified Aurora Visibility with Image Recognition technology

The service uses advanced technology including image recognition to perfectly detect the aurora. Once detected, the service will send you a text message or an automated phone call, encouraging you to enjoy the epic experience that awaits right outside your door.

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"My twin brother and I are both software engineers in Alaska! We love watching the aurora. Since a lot of our friends in Alaska have never seen an epic aurora borealis show, we created this service to notify them only when the aurora is active and visible."

Aurora Forecast for Valdez, Alaska
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Recent Videos of the Aurora

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These timelapse videos of the aurora are created using our proprietary technology. When the Northern Lights are visible, a timelapse of the night will automatically be created and published to the videos page.

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Live Aurora Webcams

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The camera systems deployed are constantly taking photographs, waiting for the aurora to become active and visible. Those photographs are streamed live to this website for you to watch and enjoy in real-time.

During the daytime, the webcam provides epic views of Alaska nature. Watch as the sun, wind, and clouds compete for dominance over Robe Lake. As lightness turns to darkness, watch the nightly sunset paint the sky, reflecting it's hues off the lake, with a backdrop of snowy jagged mountains .

streaming photographs