How will I be notified of an active Aurora?

Our notification system supports notifying you of the visible aurora via several methods of notification. Once our image recognition technology detects the aurora is visible for your select location, you will be alerted via your selected methods of notification.

Once subscribed to our service, you can select your methods of notification. The methods of notifications include:

  • Phone Call with voice describing details of visible aurora
  • Text Message with photograph of visible aurora and description
  • Email with photograph of visible aurora and description
  • LINE Message with photograph of visible aurora and description

You can see examples of notifications on our Features page. Or learn about our aurora detection technology.

For the Premium plan, will I be charged during the summer?

Subscription for the Premium plan will be automatically paused from April 30 (end of the aurora season) to August 31 (start of next aurora season). Subscriptions will be unpaused on September 1. Since subscriptions for the Basic plan are free, there is no billing to be paused.

How do I stop email notifications?

You can stop notifications of the visible aurora for your selected location by logging into your account. Then on your Account page, uncheck the box for notifications via Email.

How do I stop notifications?

Text stop to 360-529-5792 and you will receive a confirmation text message.

Where can I see credit card charges?

You can see a list of credit card charges from the Premium plan on the Billing page.

How do I downgrade from the Premium plan?

You can downgrade from the Premium plan back to the free Basic plan from the Billing page. Below the list of Billing History, click the link for Downgrade.