automated video production

The Founders were intrigued by the ability to programmatically use Sony mirrorless cameras coupled with low light lenses to capture long exposure photographs, and thereafter, automatically generate timelapse videos from the photographs. This automation makes it easy to consistently see the change in the environment and weather over time.

There is an independent Golang app responsible for automatically generating timelapse videos. The Golang app has a process that runs three times per day creating four videos:

  • Once after sunrise for the day to create two timelapse videos. One production is the sunrise timelapse videos, taking photographs from one hour prior to sunrise to one hour after sunrise. The second production is the night timelapse videos, taking photographs from after sunset of the prior day to sunrise of the current day.
  • Once after sunset, taking photographs from one hour prior to sunset to one hour after sunset. These photographs create the sunset timelapse videos.
  • Once after midnight, taking all photographs from the prior day to create timelapse video for the day.

The autogenerated timelapse videos are uploaded to AWS S3 for cloud storage and web accessibility. While all the autogenerated timelapse videos are posted on this website, the best videos are published to the Geeks in the Woods YouTube channel.