Night of 2019-08-24 video

Aurora video details

location Valdez, Alaska
type of video is night
created on 2019-08-24
includes photos starting at Sat Aug 24 23:12:36 AKDT 2019
and photos ending at Sun Aug 25 04:20:42 AKDT 2019

captured from lorex4kwebcam via raspilakenorthwest controller
Abies, Architecture, Astronomy, Banister, Building, Conifer, Fir, Flare, Handrail, Light, Moon, Nature, Night, Office Building, Outdoors, Outer Space, Plant, Silhouette, Space, Spire, Steeple, Tower, Tree, Universe, Weather

video last generated at Thu Sep 12 13:29:32 AKDT 2019
with max last photo from Thu Sep 12 12:42:20 AKDT 2019