Day of 2019-04-23 video

Aurora video details

location Valdez, Alaska
type of video is day
created on 2019-04-23
includes photos starting at Tue Apr 23 03:48:27 AKDT 2019
and photos ending at Tue Apr 23 23:36:53 AKDT 2019

Ball, Face, Hair, Head, Human, Person, Photo, Photography, Portrait

video last generated at Wed Apr 24 01:45:08 AKDT 2019
with max last photo from Tue Apr 23 14:30:18 AKDT 2019

Timelapse Photographs from Aurora video

Some of the photographs below were used to generate the video above. Photographs were taken with Sony Alpha mirrorless camera for high quality with low light sensitivity. As darkness increases, exposure (f-stop) is increased while trying to achieve ISO of 200-400.

photograph of aurora with Sony Alpha mirrorless camera for astrophotography in Valdez, Alaska

Location in Valdez, Alaska

This automated timelapse video of the aurora was created from photographs taken in Valdez, Alaska. During darkness, vivid astrophotography images can be achieved with long exposure and low ISO to capture the stars and aurora borealis.