Watch webcam in Valdez stream Aurora Borealis from Alaska

Connected to live stream.
webcam streaming photographs of aurora and astrophotography in Alaska

location Valdez, Alaska
taken at Sat Mar 23 21:07:23 AKDT 2019
captured from sonya6300_n2 camera via raspilakenorthwest controller
with shutter speed of 8/1 secs at f/40/10 and ISO 500
tags: Animal, Bird, Flying, Nature, Outdoors

The webcam above is comprised of a slideshow using the latest photographs captured. The most recent photo is always displayed on page load. Use the controls to interact with the recent timelapse photos.

Recent Aurora Videos

Autogenerated timelapse videos produced from webcam photographs.

Night of 2019-03-03
Valdez Northwest
Night of 2019-03-04
Valdez Northwest
Night of 2019-03-05
Valdez Northwest
Night of 2019-02-26
Valdez Northwest
Night of 2019-02-27
Valdez Northwest
Night of 2019-02-28
Valdez Northwest